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Mircophone Arms
  • Mircophone Arms

Mircophone Arms

Mircophone Gooseneck:

1: Outer Diameter: 2.0mm-6.0mm (0.157 in - 0.236 in )

2: Length & Connector: As per quests

3: Finished: As per your request
Mircophone Gooseneck:

Flexible gooseneck tubing is the only product in the world that can do all these things:

Support - an object

Hold - it in position

Adjustable - by being re-positioned

Connect - two objects

Conduit - for electrical wire, etc

Protect - as a nearly indestructible housing for other conduits

Rigidity (Stiffness) - Ability to hold weight

Obedience (Stay-Put) - Ability to maintain a bending diameter

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