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CNC Machining Parts

High precision CNC machined connectors
OME product ,Customized drawings are accepted

CNC Machining Parts

1) Material:Brass,aluminum,steel,stainless steel etc.
2) Surface treatment:nickel plating,zinc plating,chrome plating,black plating etc.

3) Able to produce parts with external diameters between 2 and 100mm with tolerance of +/-0.02mm.

4) Main processes:cutting,hot forging,sand blasting,drilling,threading,Turning,Polishing

5) Equipment: forging machine,CNC milling machine,meter lathes,automatic lathing machines,sand blasing machine, polishing machine

6) We also can be supplied forging part according to customers'drawings or samples.
7) QC control :100% inspection on critical dimensions with Supply chain process PPAP

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